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Online Jobs That Teenagers Can Do

By Rui Ludovino

Part-time jobs for teens are not a new thing. With vacations and school break, they can use their time wisely by getting online jobs. This will not only give teen's additional allowance, but also the sense of independence and the dignity of having to work for their own money.

The advantages

Unlike the traditional part-time jobs, online jobs for teens are simpler to carry out and thus have more advantages. Therefore, parents will have nothing to worry about the hazards of commuting and the workplace itself. They can also easily monitor the job their teens are involved in and can do immediate actions if something is amiss. This is possible because they will be at home when they do the job.

Second, since most online jobs do not require a definite work schedule, teens can be more in control of their time. It is easier for them to work their online job and studies into their schedule, with the latter still getting the largest part of their time. This means that they can still have fun when they want to.

And third, teens need not have previous experience to qualify for an online job. Most jobs available for them are easy to do and uncomplicated. Though some of the jobs may involve some special skills, such as writing and web designing, most jobs require the most basic skills. So, it will be very easy for them to get a job.

The available jobs

There is a variety of online jobs for teens. They can choose to write articles, own a blog site, do paid surveys, or do data entry. More aggressive teens, on the other hand, can start their small online business. They can offer products that are easy to do such as cookies, accessories, and stationeries. Or they can offer traditional services such as baby sitting and gardening.

Assuming such online jobs is quite exciting for teenagers, but it is important to exercise caution when looking for and accepting jobs. Sometimes teens are so gullible that they end up taking on a bad online job.

There is no sure-fire way to determine if a job is legitimate or not, as scammers have a way of making job scams look like legitimate. But to lessen the risk of ending up with one, teens are advised to look for online jobs in reputable sites. They can also try to find as much information as they can about the job listing. Other methods to avoid scams are to get recommendation from peers who have experience.

Involve the parents

It is true that having an online job teach kids independence, but parents still need to get involved and know what kind of jobs their teens are up to. The Internet, by nature, may pose dangers for teens, so parents need to figure out if there are issues of job legitimacy, safety, and modesty to address. They need to know for whom the teens are working, how they are going to be paid, how much time the job will consume, and if the job is helpful to the finances and personal growth of their teens. If the working online jobs are rather questionable, parents need to take action. And if they are not legitimate, the employer should be reported to the authority at once.

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