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So What Does Empower Network Actually Provide You With?

By Russ Howe

Like most home based businesses, the products and services of Empower Network are often overshadowed by the big hype surrounding it's affiliate plan. If you're like most people looking into this home business opportunity, you can be forgiven for wondering just what the heck it is that this program actually provides.

The focus today is on products and services. With this knowledge you will not only have a greater understanding of the business but put yourself in a superior position to build an income from it, too, if that is your goal.

A shocking amount of affiliates who join, somewhere in the region of ninety percent, don't know how to get started in building their business and using their tools. There are a few important factors for this, detailed underneath..

* Despite the large potential income, over 80% of members make no money at all

* There's a real lack of contact and support between sponsors and their downline, an issue which plagues most home based businesses today.

* Most affiliates receive no help or training from anybody in their upline.

* Most affiliates suffer from a money driven mindset. They often don't even know what products their company provides, therefore their efforts to build their business look little more than a get rich quick scheme.

It doesn't have to be this way of course.

If you're like most people you were probably turned on to the idea of this company by the fact you can earn $25 per referral per month. That's potentially huge income right there but unless you know how to use it properly it's never going to become a reality and, unfortunately, you will more than likely end up an online statistic like most others.

There is one factor which presents a bigger problem to building your income than all others and that's lack of training from your upline. It's easy to spot sponsors who do this, as they often put way more focus on how easy you'll be building a big income and less focus on what you can do with the company. Ever hear the saying 'if it looks too good to be true, it probably is'? That rings true here too.

As far as products go, you are provided with all the relevant tools to become your own boss. An authority blog, which is worth membership alone to most people, allows your posts to be quickly featured by Google and other search engines.

The weekly company training is where things get fun. Each week you are sent a training module containing valuable tips, all of which are tested and proven to work, revealing intuitive tips on how to set yourself apart from your niche and become your own boss. You can apply these to any home business, including this one, and if you're smart you can even apply them to a hobby. We applied them to our fitness hobby and turned that into an income each month alongside our business.

Now that we have sufficiently covered the basics of how the program works, you are in a far superior position than most when it comes to earning an income with Empower Network.

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