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How To Prevent Computer Data Loss

By Landon Cullenesian

It can be really infuriating to lose data on your computer unintentionally especially if those are of importance. For instance, photos of your travels over the years. Unintentional loss of computer data can be due to software bugs, data corruption, as well as hardware and power failure. Losing data is not only cumbersome, it is costly, and the cost can come from carrying on with without the data, making the data again, and for businesses, disseminating information to consumers about the loss of data. To prevent data loss, here are some tips you can stick to.

Keep backups

Having at least one copy of your original file on a separate disk media is still the best way to prevent loss of data. If the data is crucial to operations or simply of great importance to you, it is advisable to store backups at an off-site location to guard these from fire or natural calamities. While keeping backups can be inconvenient at times, particularly with increasing data size, but this is a great means of preventing disastrous loss of computer data. Partition your hard drive and avoid full hard drive encryption By partitioning your hard drive, you'll have a much better chance of retrieving data should something happen to one of the partitions. In the event of a crash, a fully encrypted drive can make recovery difficult. If you really need to encrypt for reasons of secrecy, protect particular files as opposed to the entirety of the hard drive.

Practice good habits when using the computer

Case in point, if you don't plan to use your computer for a long time , say a few days, don't forget to turn it off as not doing so places the unit at great risk for power surges. Furthermore, keep your antivirus software updated so that your computer is adequately protected against malware that can remove or alter data in your computer causing it to stop responding. Moreover, do not give network access to anyone as this can lead to data theft and modification.

Protect against power surges

Power problems are the leading cause of loss of computer data, 15 times more frequent than losses caused by malware. If your data is essential for your work or business, it would be worthwhile to invest in an uninterruptible power supply or UPS unit with voltage stabilizer to protect your computer against power outages and power spikes or surges. The spare battery in the UPS provides you with adequate time to save your documents and turn off the computer properly to avoid data loss and damage to computer hardware during blackouts. The automatic voltage regulator will give your computer steady power by consistently regulating the incoming voltage and preventing surges which can be damaging to hardware.

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