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These are Some Free Marketing Concepts that Actually Work

By Larry Franklee

There are countless free marketing ideas that will really help to get your business spotted online and some are also useful for obtaining necessary back links to your website.

There are millions of sites online, and yours is merely a grain of sand on a massive beach, so by utilizing some free marketing concepts you can boost your rankings, get more traffic and consequently boost your sales.

If you have an entrepreneurial mind-set and are working many dull hours to make your business a hit, you will doubtless be one of many thousands of people doing a similar thing on a restricted budget. You've got to be imaginative to get you and your internet site spotted online and fortuitously there are numerous free methods that you can use.

7 Free Marketing Ideas

Get yourself out into the community - that does not have to mean banging on neighbours doors! Maybe you might do a couple of hours of community volunteering, or get yourself into a scenario where you can meet lots of folks and hand out your business cards with your web address imprinted on them. There's a particular way of approaching people when you do market your business off-line, just be natural and genial with folk and do not shove your business down their throats the instant you meet them.

There are many online marketing groups especially in social media. Find a Facebook Group or two suitable to your business and become an active participant by sharing your understanding and experience with others.

Blogs are also part of social media where you can engage with others, you'll be able to find appropriate blogs simply by doing a Google search. Find the ones that interest you and have active participants in energetic dialogues. Don't just go in from the first day and start talking about your business, people will blank you, by slowly changing into a regular member of that blog providing useful info you will soon become accepted. Make sure these are "Do follow" blogs, which suggests you will be able to leave a link back to your own website every time you post an answer or question. You might also share free marketing ideas on your own blog if you should happen to feel it's appropriate.

Hopefully you have constructed a list from an opt-in form on your website ; you must offer freebies and motivations via email marketing to your subscribers. The word "free" is always a good carrot in these situations, but confirm everything you send out is useful, suitable and of value to your customer. People will grow to trust you and may forward your emails to their buddies thereby building your customer list.

Offer discounts or vouchers if it is of course possible to other people who refer you or your products this is actually the foundation of network marketing.

Always confirm your website is well optimised meaning it is reader-friendly and search engine-friendly, by adding handy information in the shape of regular beneficial content, and if you don't have a blog on your internet site, it's easy to add one. You need to use WordPress and it's a brilliant idea to employ a plug-in called CommentLuv, which puts you into a network of other blog authors and rewards members with back links to their sites and other articles they've written. Folks should anticipate reading your usual, helpful posts.

You may also offer to exchange links with other similar enterprises although not competitors. Google regards back links from other applicable sites as votes of confidence and will move your internet site up thru the rankings the more you can get.

These are just a few of the many free marketing concepts there are out there.

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