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So You Want To Become Your Own Boss

By Russ Howe

During the recession most folks, at some point, will take a look online to find a possible way to increase their monthly income. This week we look at the proven steps to becoming your own boss, working from home and avoiding the mistakes others make when trying to generate extra funds online.

There are a million and one different ways to achieve success in any walk of life, as you undoubtedly know, but usually there is a simple and proven list of steps which, no matter what your approach is, you have to follow. You have to nail the basics down before you can push further. Today we reveal those basic steps.

When trying to become your own boss, here are the top steps to implement for success...

* Take your time when picking your home business.

Choosing a business is very difficult. Mainly because there's a million businesses to choose from. You should have a clear idea of what you want from your business. Don't fall into the common trap of being attracted into multiple home businesses. Many people do this, and then struggle to make any of them work effectively enough. You can add more businesses later on, but don't try to run before you can walk.

* Be honest with yourself.

Be honest here. When imagining making money online the common image we see is a guy sat on a beach seemingly getting paid for doing nothing, right? It's nothing like that in reality. That's what causes a lot of people to fail. If you want to become your own boss in any walk of life you need to put the work in. Just because it's online doesn't mean it's easy money. When building our five figure income in GDI, for example, we simply watched where so many others were going wrong and sidestepped their mistakes.

* Use your products.

If you're telling people how great your business is and you don't even use your products yourself, or you don't even know what they are, you're putting yourself in a terrible situation. If you were purely attracted to join your home business for the ability to make money online and nothing else you will more than likely not succeed.

* Set yourself a long term goal.

Most people don't 'fail' to make money on the internet. They simply quit. A lot of folks go into online business with a false idea that they will have changed their life in two months time or that they'll be watching cash roll in on autopilot. The reality is far different. Set yourself a long term, real goal like you would in an offline business and, just as importantly, stick to it.

These four steps will help you to get started in absolutely any home based business or even in an offline business. Whatever you want to do, whatever you wish to achieve, follow the steps today and you'll find the journey to your destination far easier.

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