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SEO Copywriting Techniques that show results

By Betty Rogers

People do generally say "Content is the king".But not content, really new text is the king. It's only the unique content that draws search engine crawlers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps to increase the amount of visitors to a domain by ranking high in the search website results and a crucial part of this optimization depends upon content. Content includes Title, Description, and Express Keywords etc.

Keywords and links are two significant things that impact on the ranking of any website. Search Engines need only literal contents. Content on any web page speaks for you and your business so it should be completely relevant to your services or products launched by you. Don't try to misguide your spectators because it is true that content rich web sites are often visited by users. Avoid copying contents and gain the confidence of your visitors.

Analyze the words that clients or spectators use when they hunt for any specific product. Keyword analysis tools can be used for this reason. Write the content including that keywords but it shouldn't sound like you're overdoing it. For example, each one will be annoyed from the following content-

"We are providing you the best chips. These are the best chips in the country. Do you like chips" If yes, then try our chips because these are the best chips ever and so on. Your concentration should be on keywords though not like the above declared example. Your key phrase must have the following characteristics:" Should completely define your website theme."Should describe your product or service." It may also include name of your town, country in order to offer you uniqueness.

Attempt to write for your audience not for yourself. Avoid using words like "I think", "In my views", etc because your target is to tell the folk what they would like to know from you. You're going to have to answer the queries by relying not on your own thinking but on what the truth of the matter is. Grab the awareness of purchasers or they just need one click to depart from you.

Think before writing. Suppose you are selling some product. Find the answers of following inquiries by yourself

1. What are the benefits of your product

2. How it is different from other rival products

3. How can you persuade people to purchase it

4. What proportion of guarantee are you able to provide? Include those answers in content. There ought to be something new and informative. If somebody thinks that he/she's not gaining anything, no one will bother to resume. Keep your language friendly, casual (not endless) and slang free. Evidence reading is also very essential. Use spell checker to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

As reading web content is totally different from reading a hard copy, so attempt to explain a single concept in a paragraph. Keep the description short and easy. You are writing for human beings also , not only for the search websites. Facts must be accurate. To turn your first go visitors into potential customers, provide the people what they desire.

SEO copywriting just requires the right keyphrases at right places. As a SEO copywriter, you'll have to keep two things in mind-

1. Search Website

2. Audience.

Write content in a way which will help you to get you a high ranking and also to satisfy your clients. Write creative, business oriented and keyword rich copy as you know Google, Yahoo, AltaVista; all of them just love good and high quality content.


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