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Improving Your Blog Metrics with Fewer Writing Mistakes

By Shannon Khouri

If you want to learn how to prevent costly writing mistakes on your blog, then start with the basics and work up. After Google's latest updates including Penguin, this has to be done if you want to attract loyal blog readers. You may be someone who shies away from anything to do with writing, so you'll have to make a call about making improvements. Nobody can escape the fact that writing is the very best way to improve your writing. Writing that converts your readers on your blog and makes them come back again is what this is all about.

The traditional, and still used, convention with professional journalism is to answer the following questions in every article. Make sure you explain "who, what, where, when, how and why" whenever you write a post or article. These issues must also be covered in a stimulating and interesting way. If you write with these principles in mind, you won't leave out any essential details in your posts. How well you do it is another story but it's worth practicing and using. Even as you try your best to answer these questions, keep in mind that it's a blog and that internet readers are accustomed to a casual format and style. You'll usually do best sticking to a style that's natural for you rather than trying to copy anyone else.

One thing that people have no patience for is a blog that is mediocre and boring - nothing new here, move on. Even if maybe you think you're boring, you're really not and you just need to start letting yourself come out on your blog more.

You can really make a serious writing mistake with the use of crazy fonts and other cute things. If you've read make money online sales letters at Clickbank, then you've seen perfect examples of overuse.

Web readers are generally a smart bunch of people who will not tolerate too many writing mistakes. Not every post can be poor due to bad choice of content, and it can be because the writing basically was bad. Not to worry, you've learned three methods to improve your writing and there's much more you can do if you're willing.

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