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A Quick Internet Marketing Guide

By Patrick Yancy

Marketing your business on the Internet is a great way to market your company. It can be overwhelming though, when you can't figure out what you should do to market yourself effectively. Here are some smart, effective Internet marketing tips you can use today to get your business growing.

Provide your customers with important, relevant information. Keep your customers interested in your website and business by finding out what is important to them, and what they need. Then, provide them with what they need. To find out what people need, ask questions or run surveys. Offer incentives to those who give you feedback. By knowing what is on your customers' minds, you can keep them interested and offer them something no one else can.

Create a mailing list. That can help you stay in touch with customers and prospective customers. A lot of people check emails even if they aren't surfing the web, and if you provide relevant information to your mailing list, they will be sure to read and respond to your email with a visit to your site.

Affiliate marketing is a huge and steadily growing piece of the Internet marketing puzzle. This is when you give users links and advertising tools and you pretty much pay them to market your site for you. While your advertising efforts might be successful, it would not hurt to have a lot of people helping you increase your sales.

So, do some research in your business industry. See what has been written about it already. Visit online forums that cater to this audience, and just observe to see what dialog is being exchanged. You can learn a lot about what your audience needs just by reading the posts from various members. After a period of time just observing the interaction, you may even want to start posting a response or two to questions that you have the expertise in answering. When you post for the first time, introduce yourself briefly and identify what business you represent. Avoid coming across as a salesperson trying to sell your product or service. Just offer advice and answers, and people will respect you for that. If people find value in what you say, they will follow you to your website to find out more.

Ask site visitors what they want. One of the best ways to stand out on the internet is to ask people what they would like to see. People like to feel that their opinion matters, and they like when others ask their opinion. They feel part of something, and that will translate into a deeper interest. If you ask people what they want, they will remember that. It will also give you ideas you may not have had.

Building a blog is an excellent next step to any article marketing plan. Here, as in article marketing, you can post original articles that expand on themes and topics related to your company's business. Blogs can pull business to you, as consumers look to finding thought leadership in the market to help them make their purchase decisions.

Stay in touch with your customers once they order a product. Add a subscription form to your mailing list and links to your social network profiles on your product pages and encourage people to connect with you to have access to discounts and exclusive content. Send out a newsletter every month with a coupon for a special offer and update your social networks regularly with links to your latest content, pictures and videos of your products and promotional offers. You can also rely on mobile marketing and message boards to stay in touch with your audience. Depending on your audience and your products, a certain method might be work better than another: give yourself the time to try different techniques before you decide which one you want to focus on. Stay up to date with new trends so you can develop a presence on the new popular social networks or blogging platform for instance.

One of the best ways to get your business name out there is to use social media networks. There are millions and millions of people and businesses on social media sites and you should be there, too. This is a great way to share information about your business, share your site and talk to people who are interested in what you have to offer. Make a page for your business and make sure it is professional. Encourage your friends to like your page and ask them to share it with their friends, too. The more people that see your page the better.

Internet marketing is something that takes time to develop and something that needs constant attention if you want the best results. Remember that using the right tips will help to make the overall process a lot easier on you as you begin to promote your business.

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