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3 Steps To Powerful Copywriting Using Brain-Stopping Benefit Bullets

By Sandy Tumolillo

Thinking of what facts or features to use for your benefit bullets is really only half of your challenge. In order to make them as effective as possible, you have to be careful about how your bullets look on the page and even they type of symbol you use for them.

There are some who earn an annual salary of a million dollars, and here is one person who did it about five or six years ago when he started. To try and get the best benefit bullets, he would write around seven hundred just for starters. But first he always really learned all about the product or service no matter what it was. That was the best way for him to prepare for writing benefit bullets, and then he would have all he needed. So that was his process for being able to create killer benefit bullets, but that is a lot of work. If you are going to do something so extensive, then you know that takes focus. You would not want to start a bullet with "Page 512 will discuss ______," - this'll scare people! If this was a medical book, this might grab your attention right away. The reaction is what is important, using the underscore or blank will definitely catch people's eye. This type of bullet point will make the reader crazy, sometimes curious enough to find out what you have to say. All of the readers should, after reading your material, feel as if they cannot wait any longer for your next installment of information. Your product or service, when you have properly done benefit bullets, will sell so much better.

You may have heard that copywriters like to use words that are meant to affect the way a person thinks. But of course they use them skillfully, so it is not just a matter of using them but how you do it, too. So if you are thinking about how to use them with benefit bullets, then that would be a good line of thought. Since you may have a lot of bullets, then bringing those phrases more out in the open becomes important. The way to draw attention is to do something like making them bold, but you want to be sure you only do this with the trigger words and where it is best. Moderation is always a good idea with most things, and this is a case where it is a good idea.

When you do your benefit bullets, make sure each one is no more than two sentences. It is in your best interest to make sure that, if there are two sentences, they are short. Visitors will be able to scan your content much more easily if they can see benefit bullets throughout the text. The bullets will serve to tap into their emotions, and capture their attention in that way. But they will be scanned first as they are written to be quickly scanned. Then you can place other devices such as bold or highlighted trigger words to slow them down. The use of benefit bullets have many entire strategies built around them, something you should research even more.

There's a lot more you can do with benefit bullets, as we've only scratched the surface here. Using bullet points in the right places can dramatically improve any type of sales page or other type of copy. If you want to learn how to create amazing bullet points, read plenty of copy and try your hand at writing your own.

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