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Gridgalaxy Dot Com : The Best Personalised Social Network System

By Pauline Rimmer

An Australian based company 'What The Future' have developed a unique, quick, easy and handy web tool that gives any individual the chance to take charge of their on-line portfolio, allowing customers to have that ever critical social media presence needed in the working world today. is really a new innovation in social media technology developed to adjust the Planet Wide Web as we know it, even though simultaneously simplifying and beautifying the way we view the net. enables customers to develop into their very own net artist, making amazing net pages, Facebook timeline applications, iPad pages and mobile landing pages on 4 totally customizable web canvases.

The aim of will be to assist smaller companies to turn into active and noticed inside the planet of social media; each and every grid acts as a marketing platform, as well as a method to create and increase revenue. It is established that enterprises active inside the world of social media have turn into much more productive as a result of the sheer energy this on-line medium possesses. Buyers need to be impressed by digital media, even more so in the era of smartphones by obtaining continuous access towards the online.

It is known that people leave home with three important items: Keys, wallet and a mobile phone. Smart phones are used in every aspect of day to day life, from shopping to keeping in touch with friends and 50% of all local business searches are completed on smart phones while consumers are on the move. This is a significant amount of traffic to mobile websites, which could lead to potential conversions for your business. However, a staggering 8/10 users leave a mobile site immediately if it's not mobile compatible. allows you to create eye catching, visually stimulating, simple and easy to navigate mobile landing pages for your business, which will inevitably attract consumers on the hunt. can also act as a personalized snapshot of your vital credentials both in your personal and professional life, making it a must-have for online individuals. As well as promoting yourself online, its also allows you to upload videos, create stunning backgrounds to suit your personality, add image slideshows, and most importantly act as a social media portal bringing together Twitter, YouTube, RSS feeds and personalized opt in forms all above the fold.

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