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Do You Need A Link Popularity Tool For Your Video Marketing?

By Raja Glaude

Just before talking about the link popularity tool, for your video marketing, let us talk about link popularity itself. What exactly is it? Link popularity generally means the total number of websites that link to your site or any one of its individual pages. The reason why it's so important is simply because this is one of the primary factors which search engines like Google utilize to evaluate your site and where it's going to be ranked.

If your website is ranked high with the search engines, you'll appear in the first results each time a potential client goes online and looks for what your own business offers. That's the reason webmasters are engaged with their link popularity.

So what is a link popularity tool? It all depends on the tool. There are numerous aspects to link popularity and link building so there are tools which correspond to those facets. Several tools will perform an analysis on the different search engines to tell you just how many pages are linking to your website.

They can also tell you which pages are linking. Some will actually give you a score so you can judge how well you are doing. Some will give you the opportunity to compare your site to others. Most free tools will only give you the results from the biggest search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

You will probably discover that the number of links differs a lot from search engine to search engine because the figures shown represent how many inbound-links which are known to every search engine in particular and will differ depending on the size of its database. Search engines also determine certain inbound-links (once again, this differs depending on the search engine) so certain backlinks might not figure into the total.

While you don't want to become obsessed with using this tool or checking the data all the time, it is important to keep tabs on your links. You want to keep your links as high-quality and relevant as possible and knowing where they are coming from can help you manage that information.

After you analyze the information that you get from your tool, you can then continue on with your link building strategy for video marketing. Many tools are also connected or related to other services that can help you with this realm of link-building as well. Just remember that the same rules apply if you should decide to go with a link building service to take care of that aspect of your business. You want to get a quality service so make sure you do your research in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Although many link-building tools are free, link building services are definitely not. Nonetheless, what they save you in effort and time could very much be more than worth it in terms of cash. At all cost, make the most of a link popularity tool and then figure out if you want to go as far as to hire someone else to take care of your backlink strategy.

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