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Why I Opted For A Stun Weapon To Shield Myself Versus Danger

By Danniel A Nelsan

I get a kick from looking at electrical charge spit out of the electrified probes of my own 1.2 million rechargeable pen stun weapon with light. I sure do not wish to be at the receiving end of that. I can visualize exactly how the view of this alone can prevent a likely assailant in his tracks. I choose stun guns, among non-lethal personal defense weapons, for all those reasons.

A touch on a vulnerable area, such as the neck or belly, can immobilize the target momentarily as well as cause him terrible pain. More than two seconds of application can result in confusion and a loss of equilibrium.

My high voltage stun gadget, with over a million volts of power, is going to paralyze an enemy quick, allowing me to get away. What raises my own confidence in using this for personal defense is the thought it will not result in irreversible damage soon after the instantaneous but temporary effects wear off.

A buddy, Kenny, got me into stun devices. He has made use of his own curved 300,000 volts stun weapon with awesome effects. While this is a low voltage stun weapon with gentle effects, it has managed to repel crooks and also thieves very effectively.

Electrical power from stun gadgets interrupts energy supply to the muscles, paralyzing the target briefly. This can go through -inch-thick clothing. You merely need the courage to stick it towards your attacker, however briefly, to buy time to flee.

Lotty, who is a cousin coming from New York city, subscribes to camouflaged stun devices. In particular, she is fond of her 4.5 million volt mobile phone stun device. Lotty has deceived many a thug using her mock cell phone, and they end up entering quick seizure after being shocked.

An integrated 12 LED flashlight is an added feature that assists the stunning process. She blinds the target using bright glare from the flashlight, and then thrusts the stun device towards his body.

There are several other non-lethal self defense weapons, yet a stun gadget is it for me.

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