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Protecting Your Home And Loved Ones Versus Burglars

By Hu A Hylyar

My hubby as well as I talked about home security before relocating to our present residence. I was traumatized as a teenager when 2 men had invaded our home and carted off valuables. Bart knew it was crucial to our relationship that I be made to feel secure inside the house.

Now that we've got a larger residential home, Brad is glad somebody had recommended to us the HomeSafe wireless home protection system. It is an inexpensive solution to securing your home, or even workplace, which does not need a technology genius to run.

A big draw for my hubby was the system's ability to enable you to preset phone numbers for it to dial automatically as soon as it picks up activity in the area being secured. Should another person open a door or window, this would cause an alarm into going off and the base system into calling those preset telephone numbers to notify the owner to unauthorized entry.

Our wireless security system came with a base unit, a wireless window/door sensor, a motion sensor and remote control having a panic feature for arming or disarming the unit. It is meant to work just with phones which have tone dialing.

Five phone numbers can be programmed in. When the alarm is triggered, the device is going to call the first phone number on the list. If the phone call is answered, a pre-recorded alert message is going to come on.

Brad said I could do one of three things when the call went through my number. I could first listen to what was happening inside the room, or broadcast my voice through the base device hoping this would frighten the thief off. In the event that I felt there was no real emergency, I could disable the alarm.

The 105dB alarm is ear-piercing enough to have somebody scurrying off to move away from the noise.

In case the call to the first phone number isn't picked up, the home security system calls the next number on the list, and so on until the alarm system is disarmed.

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