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Organization In The Fair Trade Market System

By Leonor Rivera

The fair trade market movement is an organized social movement, which aims at providing better trading conditions for producers in developing countries. Their main aim is to obtain higher price for goods produced be these producers while also promoting higher social and environmental standards.

Focus of these organizations is on the producers of agricultural productions such as coffee, tea and sugar and those of hand-crafted materials such as carving among others. Internationally several institutions are recognized in the provision of FT organization and certification. The most common certifier and organization, however is the FTI. It was previously known as the fair trade labeling organization but switched its name.

In the spirit of flat level based business interaction, most organizations have members certified by one or more national and international organizations. These thereafter provide coordination, promotion and facilitate for the working of FT organizations. In the category of the larger unilateral business groups, the FT labeling organization is major player. Formed in the year nineteen ninety-seven it is an organization comprising of three-producer networks band twenty national labeling institutions.

These labeling centers are charged with the responsibility of developing standards of business that are on level ground, provision of licenses and making the FT mark of certification popular. This organization only however allows certain produce and goods from specified countries to go through it. It deems it necessary that some goods like coffee and tea be produced by cooperatives otherwise they won't be allowed.

The fair trade federation association (FTF) was created in nineteen ninety-four as an association of Canadian and American flat based consumer market wholesalers, importers and retailers. This organization acts as a clearing house for information on these types of markets and providing resources and marketing for its members. This group also links its members to these organization's producers groups. In this organization those who sell their goods through it must self certify their adherence to defined principles of this school of thought for a hundred percent of their purchasing or business.

The European Air Trade Organization (EFTA) is another of the organizations that promote this school of thought, it arose in nineteen ninety. It was developed to be an alternative network for European trading organizations. It deals mostly with importation of good from over four hundred economically disadvantaged countries mostly in Asia, Africa and in Latin America. Its primary goal was promotion of fair trade and the improving of the system to make it more effective and efficient. It also produces a publication annual on the progress of development of the system of flat business model in the world currently. It hosts eleven members from nine different countries.

The formation of fine by the link up of the various groups in The FT business Organization system was welcome when it occurred. Its main aim was to harmonize trade systems and guidelines thereby increasing the quality and efficiency of the trading system and advocate for politically flat based economies.

Economically disadvantaged countries are greatly benefitting from the systems put in place by fair trade market of their goods. The level market system allows the members to have access to free labeling for their goods and subsidized advertising. It also offers level marketing services that provide members with a competitive market.

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