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How You Can Enjoy A Far More Safe College Life

By Makus B Billarreal

Mom was worried regarding my intention to live on my own and off-campus for college. I completely understand her own concern. Women's safety is a truly real issue. It does not help that a cousin of mine almost got raped while returning to the dorm room from the library one evening.

Thankfully, Uncle Vito came to the rescue. He is a police officer, and recommended a safety kit for my safety. It is a collection of products put together by security specialists, designed to address the safety issues of certain target users. In my case, it's college kids.

Uncle Vito assured me that every single item contained in the Extreme College Survival Kit is intended to guard the user whenever threatened or facing danger. Moreover, the items empower the users so that they don't feel helpless throughout such cases.

This kit included alarms (nap alarm, door stop alarm, electronic pocket whistle), a cell phone flashlight, a book diversion safe where to hide possessions, plus pepper sprays (lipstick, 1/2 oz. with visor clip, 1/2 oz. key chain as well as 2 oz. wall-mounted) for both indoor and outdoor defense. There were an instructional handbook and also DVD for each product.

In order to even more relieve mother's anxiety, her brother stated there were special safety reports to help make my college experience safe. These included College And Campus Safety Tips, a College Rape Report, as well as How To Secure Your Dorm Or Apartment.

While I have yet to make use of a pepper spray, I know people who have, with good outcomes. I will have to be skilled at this. Self-defense sprays are my very first line of personal defense when I am away and alone.

Dad and mom insisted on helping me transfer and see that all my house and personal alarms were set up perfectly. They simply wished to be certain the area was somewhat safe.

I share my parents' concern about women's safety. I wish to enjoy college, and I understand that making plans in order to address my safety is necessary.

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