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How You Can Bring In Attention And Frighten Away Aggressors

By Steven V Laphae

I got a work recently in Queens, New York. My loved ones warned me, a country lady for the majority of my life, to protect against guys that could possibly victimize the naive-looking girls in a crowd. Dad urged me to take into account making use of a personal alarm system considering that I didn't have any background in martial arts or self-defense strategies.

Personal alarms are handheld tools which create a siren-like audio. The loud audio is going to cause an attacker to become preoccupied, confused as well as stunned, making them get away from the place ultimately so as not to attract any further focus towards himself.

The victim-to-be can have the notice he needs. Plus, personal safety alarms are non-lethal weapons for personal protection.

A university buddy once revealed to me her multipurpose personal alarm. She brought it wherever she decided to go as extra protection against crooks. When not in class, she made use of it like a window alarm system inside the dormitory room in the evening.

My own apartment roommate, Alicia, managed to get rid of her own stalker ex-boyfriend a while ago when she utilized her own keychain alarm system with light along Times Square.

After exploring on the Net, I decided to get a small personal alarm system with clip. I thought it best to get a tiny and also handheld alarm system that could produce an ear-popping 101 decibels. This fits nicely inside a pocket, belt or purse, and also may be worn as a key chain.

I was able to test my security alarm one particular stormy night, while I was waiting for the subway train. Within my peripheral vision, I discovered a big man who appeared to be pursuing me coming from a safe two- or three-foot distance. Just before the subway train pulled to a stop, he suddenly pushed me aside, as well as directed a blade towards me.

Seeking to become vigilant the entire moment, I pushed my personal small alarm. As sound blasted out, the man looked frightened as well as perplexed. He escaped to the closest exit. It was a good thing I had heeded my father's wisdom that one of these personal alarms would wind up saving my life.

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