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A Stun Device You Can Slip On Your Fist

By Fancy I Liewinters

The minute Patrick got me into the Stun Gun Knuckleblaster, I panicked. That was because I find brass knuckles, which this stun gun was patterned after, a very scary weapon. I have viewed someone get beaten up making use of brass knuckles. His face was soaked in blood, and I believe his own nose was busted.

Likewise, knuckle stun gadgets are put on on the knuckles of one hand. Instead of heavy metal, though, they are manufactured from soft rubber, as well as fit any hand size. While they can be used to punch enemies, they truly are personal protection guns which pack a wallop.

A two-second contact with a stun weapon will cause the target pain, brief incapacitation as well as confusion, to begin with. With this one's 950,000 volts, electric current poured into the body will interrupt neurological and muscular functions. Voluntary muscle control, and also balance, is going to be affected.

The great thing is that stun devices are non-lethal, and never leave long term harm after the effects disappear. They were developed typically to disable an assailant so that you can break free from unharmed and also report what happened.

High voltage stun weapons, like Patrick's Knuckle Blaster Stun-Power Punch Gun, require less contact time as compared to low voltage stun guns for the same debilitating effects to happen. In very dangerous instances, a few seconds of zapping in vulnerable spots can save you.

Patrick assures me his own personal protection weapon offers not just convenience in usage. Worn on one particular hand, it is prepared to fire with the safety switch as well as zap button easily accessible by the same hand. Because it is secure around your own knuckles, you have more control of this during use.

My aim, he would stress, would be to repel any kind of attack. And, if I could keep the stun gun in contact with the assailant's body longer, he could drop to his knees, giving me more time.

I am pretty much sold on the knuckle stun gun. I will just have to test this for comfort as well as easy handling, and see if I don't panic.

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