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Protecting Your Online Site through the Available WordPress Security

By Dinah Joe Chavez

Owning a website or blog needs proper monitoring if you really want to achieve success online just like in WordPress. You need to find ways on how to prevent hackers from penetrating your site or blog. Remember that they can easily bring your website down once they attack is successfully. This is actually the most common problems of many profitable and established blog owners. They fail to sustain their higher ranking because of these hackers and lose their reputation easily.

In most cases, these hackers do not care about the exact standing of the blog because they hack any website. In case you are one of their victims, Google will just email you of blocking your website because of wrongdoings online, which does not involve you. Because of this particular issue, you really need to spend time to find the exact WordPress Security.

If you look at the numbers of blog owners now, they are millions already. Some make money easily, while some do not. Still, they work hard to keep their blogs on WordPress to continue to exist or become visible. Despite of all the negative issues, they find ways on how to secure their online reputation.

Eliminating the default admin is a proven effective method to help secure your page properly. By doing this method, hackers cannot easily utilize your username and password for your safety. Right before deleting the old account, you have to setup a new account already with different information. To learn more on how to perform this process, check your dashboard and analyze the details with care. When deleting the default administrator, you need to enter all the necessary information correctly.

Upgrading your website with the newest WordPress version is also a dependable solution. This will help in improving the webpage because of the latest developments and features made available by the new version. This is the reason why you have to check the updates always to take advantage of them first. While checking the available upgraded version, you also need to check the new plug-ins for WordPress Security. Typically, the newest plug ins are more elaborate and offer much improvement than the original elements.

Another crucial problem when you maintain a webpage using this popular open source for bloggers is that users can login anytime because it is very accessible. What they usually do is to try various combinations of user names and passwords until they match the exact combination.

The good news now is that you can find an available lockdown system that you can setup through reviewing the details using the WordPress security tips. If you setup the system correctly, it will just permit the user to attempt to log for three times only and afterwards, the IP address denies it automatically.

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