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Are MLM Rankings Really Accurate?

By Larry Franklee

If you are thinking about starting your own multi level marketing business, you almost certainly will be doing a lot of research online about which MLM corporations are the best to join and which ought to be avoided. Taking a look at MLM rankings will give you understanding of a number of things the top MLM companies are doing right.

There are numerous considerations to take under consideration when selecting an MLM company to join so don't just use broadcast "MLM rankings" to make your last decision.

Established MLM Rankings

First find out how long has the company been established. Longevity in the MLM business is crucial. Firms start up and fail often , due to many reasons,eg poor management, a crappy product, the product may not be desirable in a couple of years, or simply as the company is underfunded, not having the ability to carry on after one or two months or years because it cannot to afford to pay for advertising or coaching. Products can also be too expensive.

Though some of us have made millions from getting in on early MLM start ups, there is a big risk concerned and if you've had no experience in MLM at all yet, it is probably not a smart idea to look at a start up MLM company first.

MLM Rankings for Products

Secondly you need to look at an MLM company's products. If you're a man, you most likely don't want to push makeup and perfume.

The key to promoting and selling a product successfully is to promote and market a product that you have trust in and something that you would buy. It is awfully hard to convince a prospect that what he's buying is the very best, when you know in your heart it isn't. So find something that you personally enjoy and can be positive about.

Avon and Mary Kay remain in the top 4 MLM marketing companies for very good reason, not only do the men and women that purchase those products love them, but the folks that promote their products love them too. They are going to get repeat orders but need to be prepared to go out and demonstrate how those products work to potentially new clients, in their houses, so if you do not want to do something like that don't even try.

If you adore to cook, you'll know the standard of Pampered Cook products. Again, you will be needed to give cooking demonstrations, so that could be a concept for you.

The right way to pick is to go to If you're a person you'll see that many of the best-performing multi level marketing corporations are female oriented - makeup, clothes, scent etc, so simply strike those off your list. There are still many MLM companies left for a person to select from though.

Take a close look at how a company could be gaining or losing in the MLM rankings and if there is a downward decline, try and find out why.

Another thing you should take into consideration is the company's compensation plan. These can come in the most confusing forms, with all sorts of fancy names. A good company should be in a position to explain their compensatory schedule so you cann understand it. If not, push on. This is your future business so it's important to grasp everything to guarantee your success, so keep an eye on MLM rankings before starting.

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