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Choose the Best Graphic Design Firm for innovative designs in Leeds

By Vincent To

Analogue is a graphic design studio with an impeccable record of outstanding services delivered to clients in and around the area as well as overseas. There is no doubt that working with them is pleasurable as they provide exceptional service to their clients and this has made them extremely popular with clients who are specialists in their own fields.

A new Leeds restaurant, located in Chapel Alerton, wanted to make their restaurant look like an exclusive American one. Analogue designed American Kitchen and it has all the makings of an American restaurant, except for the fact that it has deliberately done away with cheese. The handiwork of the menu, designed on a wooden clipboard, gives a rustic look that appeal to many. The American kitchen has become very popular today because they have been able to replicate the excellent quality and taste of an American Kitchen and attract customers to their restaurant, because of their unique design.

Uber was a small company, which used the services of Analogue for creating their brand identity. This firm has grown rapidly and shifted to a new location within a year. The design studio maintains their rapport with Uber and this is evident, because they have designed the promotional material for the firm with high quality value-added inputs.

2020 Vision is one of the oldest running dance music label in Leeds, which focuses on diversity and development long-term. Analogue has been working for 2020 Vision for many years and supplying them with promotional designs and CD labels. Analogue improved their expertise and rendered exceptional outputs with their graphic design services to this recorded label company. They were able to educate themselves further with the challenging experience.

Lisn Music needed the services of Analogue for helping them create a complex online product and design a complete website for their firm. The company Lisn music specialized in providing facilities for music licensing. People, who wish to download ready music for their various needs including media productions, can purchase and avail of any music track they desire almost instantly. Analogue helped the company to form a good client database who would purchase their music tracks regularly. The graphic design studio was able to gain by their experience in web programming and digital design.

Leeds College of Music is another one of Analogues prestigious clients. A new album was released by the college with the title "Music Happens Here." A compilation of innovative and diverse music that was created by the students studying in the college has been featured in this album. Analogue provided yet another service of delivering a lecture, on invitation, by the college. The topic chosen was "Branding Yourself as a Musician." The studio was then asked to undertake branding for the compilation of the new music created by the college.

The vast experience gained by Analogue has made them a naturally hot favourite graphic design in Leeds and around the area. There is no doubt that this graphic design Leeds studio will leave a trail of glory in the graphic design world.

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