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Safety Precautions During A Nature Adventure Journey

By Sue A Waberry

I have always been a mountain climber for almost all of my life. Even as threat hides every single step of the way, I've learned my lesson since one fateful day in Mount Elbert, Colorado.

Pals and also I were speeding up to be able to get to the top before sunset the instant a brown bear went dashing right in front of us. It was an excellent thing Casey had one of her effective bear sprays available. Or else, we would not have survived to share the tale.

Animal rights advocates do not need to be concerned about utilizing bear repellents, which lessen the probability of permanent injury and also death among humans and bears during a bear assault. These are designed only as self-defense weapons in warding off bears rather than engaging them in an unpleasant fight.

Defense spray effects are non-deadly and non permanent, leaving enough time for human beings to leave the bear, get some aid and enable the bear to rejoin its population. Casey likes to remind us that it is not advisable for use on human beings, or ordinary defense spray on bears.

Although I don't typically visit bear-populated areas, I always have my own Guard Alaska bear spray available now. This is the only EPA-approved bear defense spray for repelling all bear varieties, however it is non-flammable and does not have ozone-depleting elements at the same time.

During one of my nature treks, I came across a black bear which seemed to have just gotten out of hibernation. I was scared of running away since I knew it would catch up with me sooner or later.

I grabbed my belt bag immediately. Just when this was about to jump on me, I squished my self-defense spray for bears onto its face and also chest coming from some 15 to 20 feet. I then made a run for it, never looking back to the place the angry bear had been.

Nature adventure excursions will never be complete without having effective bear repellents. Whether we like it or not, peril comes the moment this is least expected.

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