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A Perfect Method Of Personal Protection For Each Individual

By Steve A Lafayete

For Janus, the perfect defense spray would be the pepper gun since its appearance alone can scare an assailant off, although self-defense spray is non-deadly. Out of four selections of colors, he made certain to acquire black for a true gun appearance. Apart from looks, Janus likes the trigger-activated LED light of his gun pepper spray, and the 25-foot maximum distance each blast can get to.

I am drawn to get the same, but desire to check out other self-defense sprays. I know the temporary incapacitating effects are similar. The reaction is instant once pepper grains reach the face: a sting to the eyes which can cause momentary blindness, a burning feeling to the skin and also difficulty in respiration.

Disguised pepper sprays may be ideal for girls. With these, we've got the surprise edge over an enemy, which probably thinks us powerless. A lipstick defense spray I discovered online possesses a range of 10 feet via its half-second bursts.

Your job is to push away the opponent and then make a run for it. A mini self-defense spray is extremely convenient to carry because it fits within a purse or pocket, and is easily hidden whenever held in the hand.

I just lately discovered my old man has armed himself with a vehicle self-defense spray. This, after a neighbor of ours was carjacked just as he was pulling out of the grocery store.

Father decided to keep a fogger pepper spray inside his car in the event a similar situation happens to him. Unlike stream self-defense spray, the fogger isn't immediately blown away, and the grains stay hovering in the air.

A fogger is great to use in enclosed spaces. Plus, its range is around 8 feet, if you need to pursue a carjacker off. Fortunately, he has not had the opportunity to make use of his own pepper spray.

I once read that the most effective pepper spray is not just one type. Any form gets to be one as soon as this has worked for the user in a time of danger.

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