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The Most Reliable Self-Defense Device To Stop Attackers

By Nickie A Mashburn

My hands were still trembling immediately after forcing a 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun device towards a man's stomach. He yelled in pain and was momentarily incapacitated. He then stumbled back, forcing distance between us. As I commanded my brain to run, I kept thinking, "Stun gadgets are non-fatal," to stop any guilty ideas.

As I ran, I remembered Boone telling me the best stun guns were those that worked if you required them to. He was right. The high voltage stun device in my hand undoubtedly stopped my likely assailant. I knew the man wasn't going to be maimed for life after the effects had disappeared in a few minutes.

It was Boone that introduced me to stun guns. My buddy's sister had been held up 2 times thus she decided to arm herself with a personal protection device. Alice chose a masked stun device pretending to be lipstick. She has related since that her attackers are always caught off-guard when she zaps them with it.

Her own choice was a rechargeable lipstick stun weapon with flashlight and 950,000 volts of power. She can carry it inside her pocket or purse or hold this discreetly for convenient access. Her attacker went limp in the beginning, and released her arm immediately after getting stunned.

The emanating electric charge makes the nerves to go haywire. And voluntary muscle control as well as balance is lost.

It is typical for stun device targets to get disoriented after getting hit, particularly in vulnerable areas like the neck, shoulder, belly as well as groin.

Not known to me, my sister inside Los Angeles had likewise purchased a stun device for protection. Her own 4.5 million volt cellular phone stun device has deceived many a criminal, also. Although it seems like a cellular phone, it works nothing similar to one.

The bright glare from its built-in 12 LED flashlight will confuse the target for sis to get a far better shot at her aggressor. She swears that real experience is going to help figure out which are the best stun guns for their own users.

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