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Web Design that Converts

By Kris T. Larsson

If you are upgrading your website or starting out and creating a new site, be sure that the overall plan of your site is based on the best marketing and conversion strategies available today. The data and hard numbers are there for everyone to see and there is really no excuse for not at least understanding the basics based on the research out there. Conversion marketing is a fast moving field supported by science. In other words, hard data backs up theory. Make sure the agency you are working with gives conversion marketing its due when planning your site.

Some people get hung up on the appearance of a site to the point where beauty becomes an end in itself. One should be slightly reluctant to work with a designer who has no business experience other than their own. Or furthermore, someone with very little appetite or experience for conversion marketing. You need to ensure that your designer is not treating your website as an outlet for their creativity. Always consider your target audience, the user experience, and your ultimate business goals.

You site needs to be your best salesperson... in the form of sales, leads, or sign ups. Remember, your website may be viewed by millions of people every month, all of whom will make judgments about your company based on their experience with the site. The science backs up this claim. Whether or not people will buy your product, is strongly influenced by their experience with your website.

Web Design - the Coles Notes Version

Think about color contrast when you are contemplating your site. And don't forget to consider how those colors will look across different devices. There is almost never a good enough reason to have a dark background with light text in your main body. Smartphones and dark backgrounds are not a great marriage. Test your site on different browsers and devices. Get a feel for what your user may experience.

Less is more. People do tend to go overboard and try to put everything relevant to their business on their website. People don't surf the web this way. They scan. And they have very short attention spans. One needs to simplify. If at all possible, aim for one clear goal for every page. Don't just give love to your homepage. Every page needs a purpose and every page needs a call to action.

People won't wait for your site if it is slow. Test your site and make sure it loads within three seconds. Run some diagnostics on your site to ensure your load time is acceptable. You can run these from a number of browser add ons or at specific sites that perform free testing.

It's not just a buzz word, video really is pushing the internet and business on the internet. It really is essential to have some form of video at your site. It's no longer optional. Surfers have grown accustomed to viewing video at websites. It increases engagement, time spent at your site, and conversions. And the costs of video for web are inexpensive. You don't need to hire a professional video production company for most of your online video needs. And if you do, don't worry, the costs have come down dramatically. Just make sure that basic quality guidelines are met. Don't have a camera with shaky movement and or poor sound quality.

Testimonials are social proof and are absolutely necessary for your site. Again, if you can get video testimonials, your conversions will go through the roof. But avoid making the testimonials look like a forced confession. Keeping it natural and in the words of your clients will lend itself to a more genuine and valuable testimonial.

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