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Market Samurai for Effective SEO Practices

By Mark C. Anthony

Market Samurai is actually a complete tool that can help you find profitable keywords and niches and then optimize them. It has many invaluable tools including Keyword Research, Rank Tracker, SEO Competition, Domains, Monetization, Find Content, Publish Content and Promotions.

Below is a brief overview and review of these functions.

Keyword Research-

Manual search can be a laborious and time intensive method. For instance, if you want to discover rankings for Four keywords within 4 different search engines, it should take a few minutes time whereas Market Samurai accomplishes precisely the same in certain seconds.From the keyword research page, you can find synonyms of keywords. You can add numerous keywords and check their performance all at once. You will find keyword trends, SEO value of a keyword, keyword competition, Adwords statistics and so many other factors through the single interface. Anyone who has checked some of these factors on Google Analytics will also pretty much love to use Market Samurai.

Rank Tracker-

The Rank Tracker function lets you monitor the way your website fairs for the targeted keywords among different search engines. Since this process is automated, you will be getting an accurate picture of your website instead of being confused by the better position you might see in manual search. Manual search is customized and will display good page rank, but actually it might vary. Manual search can be a lengthy and cumbersome approach. For example, in order to discover rankings for several keywords in several different search engines, it will take a lot of time whereas Market Samurai achieves precisely the same in a few seconds.

SEO Competition Analyzer-

This tool will assist you to evaluate the top 10 competitors. You can also analyze your own site. The tool lets you select comprehensive analysis of any domain or web page by finding critical parameters such as Domain Age, Page Rank, Index Count, RDD (total number of unique domains referring to a particular domain). It will help you verify whether the site is listed in Open Source Directory (DMOZ) or Yahoo Directory (YAH) or whether the keywords are optimized in Title, URL, Description and Head tag of the web page. This kind of thorough analysis lets you find the competition of the keywords that you are targeting.

Domain Optimization-

Market Samurai lets you optimize your website to a greater extent. Optimization is taken to such an degree that even the domain name will likely be optimized depending on the business that you're focusing on. The tool will also inform you about the domain names which will be expired or domain names that are available for sale. You can benefit from purchasing a domain which has already got a high page rank.


Your website may be pulling in a great deal of traffic and yet you aren't able to monetize the traffic. The Monetization tool is useful because it helps you assess the gain that you can get by implementing matching affiliate products from places like Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction and PayDotCom.

Find Content Tool-

Manual search will take some time. With Market Samurai's 'Find Content' tool, it will not only save you time but will also pull out all of the popular articles in document, image and video formats including a detailed evaluation for you.

Before launching any product in the market, businesses will conduct a customer survey to uncover the competitor's strength and will make an effort to determine what causes them to be so successful. In the same way, on the internet also, before you post content for your website or blog site, you might want to undertake a preliminary search to find relevant articles in your area.

Publish Content-

While using 'Publish Content' tool users are able to publish articles directly from the Market Samurai's interface. You'll be able to edit and upload articles that you normally manage from Content Management System like WordPress.

Promotion Tool-

Market Samurai has a 'Promotions' tool that will suggest blogs and websites where one can post links to your own website. The process is automated. Consequently, you will not only find the right locations to obtain backlinks but also you will save considerable time.

Overall Value of Market Samurai

Market Samurai really simplifies the process from finding profitable keywords and niches to optimizing content and maximizing your time and effort spent promoting your website.

Lots of people agree that Market Samurai is the program you need in order to master SEO, especially for worthwhile niche and authority sites.

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