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Internet sales machine launch 20th November 2012

By Nigel Spence

Want to increase your customer lifetime value by 1400%?

In less than 48 hours

Are you sick and tired of all the hype? Everything from the latest commission whatever to secret something products then you are not alone.

These are products centered on some kind of loophole from a bigtime websites designed to make money fast.

A simple change is all it needs and these loopholes are stopped dead in their tracks.

Enough I hear you say with short term trends and fads

The only real way to create long term wealth is to give real value, in exchange for real cash

Think that you are going to become rich with just one product to sell? Dream on.

When you do the math, peddling merely just a single product is going to build your wealth at a snails pace.

Even if you sell hundreds or thousands of copies of it, there is no leverage in that.

You will find smart marketers offering one time offers including upsells for their buyers

1 in 2 people will snap up your offer, increasing your sales by 50%

This nowadays does not always make the cut

Internet marketing is changing all the time and is more noticeable over the last 30 months, and no doubt will continue to do so

When you are up against competitors who outsell and outgun you at every turn, and buyers are spoilt for choice.

This is no time to be subtle.

After rethinking and giving my business a complete makeover in design terms

My business models I have never come up with that:

- Increases my customer lifetime value by at least 1400%

- My income from sales of my digital products and services are increased by 4.6

- Maximize my upsell conversion rates to 77% instead of the usual 50%

And all these achieved with no extra buyers or extra traffic!

- Front end

Upsell no: 1

Upsell no:2

Upsell no:3

-To product page

Call in the big guns! Let me show you what 3 level ultra charged upsells can do for your online business profits.

The 7 perfect reasons

1. Making your first million( or next) is made a lot faster by generating $668 to $3,188 a customer, instead of commanding a one time fee of just 7 bucks

Perceived value is the nature of the game. As soon as your customers see your line of products, they are going to start to take you seriously and will expect to pay premium prices, rather than the one product a throw kind of guy

3. People will snap up everything in your sales funnel, it is a known fact, and is far from uncommon. Having said that, not every customer will act in this way, but your chances of selling a product including 1 or 2 upsells are greatly increased

4. Do not leave your $2,000 back end product in the back end, you need to bring it to the forefront and offer this back end product as a upsell, why wait days or even weeks after selling your front end product in order to whip out your $2,000 product? You can offer that product to them right now!

5. Why not sell more stuff to your customers at time of purchase rather than have to seduce them in to buying another product some weeks down the line

Recognized companies do this all the time especially Godaddy, Pizzas online,Dominos

7. Could it be you next? 7 or 8 figure marketers also do it??

I promise you that Iam not making this up as I go along, these are just some great results that Edmond Loh teaches within his training program.

Edmond Lohs training program totally works and is the bees knees when it comes to online training programs

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