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Search Engine Optimization Vs. Social Media Optimization And The Benefits Of Each

By Nathan K. Astorga

While search engine optimization and social media optimization sound the same and both work to drive traffic to your website, they are actually two very different processes. Both strategies have the same goal, but they bring traffic from two different locations. While there are a lot of companies that choose to concentrate on just one of these strategies, they would benefit from using both to increase their web traffic and online visibility.

Search engine optimization is the practice where a website is designed or altered to be search engine friendly. When the site utilizes keywords, is linked to other sites that are relevant, has a solid design and layout, etc. then it will be returned as a higher result when the user does a search. Rather than being a paid advertisement at the top of the page, these results are the natural or unpaid results that are delivered. It is critical that a site is ranked higher on a search engine results page for the reason that many people only look at the first few results on the page. Sites that are visible on the first page will get many more hits than those on following pages.

In order to bring in traffic from social networking sites, a business will have to use social media optimization. In order to reach the many people that use social networking sites, it is important to use this strategy and not miss out on clients that would not be reached otherwise. Social media is used by millions of people all over the world and close by, which makes it an ideal venue for catching their eye. The process does not have to be complex, and a business will just need to make a profile or page on the site to connect with customers.

There is little overlap between search engine optimization and social media optimization which is why it would benefit websites and businesses to use both. There are some cases that one strategy might be more effective than the other depending on the kind of business. A website could possibly be missing out on traffic from millions of different people by not employing one strategy. The business' web presence is strengthened by both strategies, which is something that a small business needs in order to keep up with rivals.

Search engine optimization and social media optimization should be implemented in order for a website or business to increase its page views. SEO works with keywords, professional link building, and website design to draw in traffic. If a company is looking to increase its traffic from social media, then SMO is the approach to take. New website visitors are introduced organically by both techniques rather than brought in through the use of paid advertisements.

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