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29Prime: Studies Reveal Twitter Secrets

By Diana Smith

It seems that every brand is on Twitter these days. In fact, a recent poll was conducted and found that 77% of brands believe that Twitter is a major priority when it comes to marketing. We totally agree with this poll. However, there are still some brands that are not using Twitter as properly as they should be.

A growing media relations company, Buddy Media, decided to share many helpful details on improving a brand's Twitter abilities and using it to the fullest potential. For instance, tweeting throughout the busiest hours of the day often produce the greatest results. Typically, the peak hours are between 8AM and 7PM. During this time, the brands found engagement 30% higher than at any other time. What day of the week do you think produces the most engagement? If you guessed Saturdays, you would be correct!

Always remember to use hashtags. These little things get twice as much engagement compared to tweets without them. Do not exceed two hashtags per tweet or your engagement may drop. Usually, posts with photos get twice as much engagement as those without, even if they are not clicked on. Getting a re-tweet is imperative to making something go viral. Posts that include links have an 86% higher retweet rate than those who have no links. Be mindful of your spacing and make sure the link works.

Studies also show that if you ask users to retweet, you will get twelve times a higher retweet rate. All you have to do is ask your users and they will help you out! It seems that this applies to other forms of social sharing such as Facebook or Pinterest. It is definitely worth a try!

Ensure that your tweets are always under one hundred characters. Usually, tweets around this length obtain 17% more responses than those that are shorter or longer. If you follow these Twitter tips, they could really take your Twitter to a higher level of marketing. Try using these tips with other social media sites, like Pinterest or Facebook, to increase your interaction. Lots of luck!

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