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What is SEO? Everything you need to know about this potent technique

By Asif Mumtaz

What is SEO?

SEO (SEO) is a powerful method to market websites. In reality SEO is an indispensable method for promoting your internet site on the search site. Your website will become visible in search engines only after it gets the right info from website itself.

Though search engine optimisation isn't a name of any single strategy or system, it essentially defines many various strategies utilized for achieving one result - getting higher on search engine ranking.

Noob SEO

If you're only starting with your SEO campaign, you just need to do basic onpage and offpage SEO. After you do some basic onpage and offpage SEO, your website will start receiving perks from search websites in form or organic and highly targeted traffic.

Basic on-page SEO

Basic on page SEO involves these

- Making your content search engine compatible

- Making your pictures search engine friendly

- Using keywords in the content

- Using keywords in the meta tags

- Using keywords in ALT tag for photographs

- Creating correct navigation on site

- Creating and submitting sitemap

- Configuring robot.txt file

Basic off-page SEO

Basic off page SEO involves the following

- Creating back links to your internet site, default page and individual pages

- Making engagement using social media

- Creating engagement using Web 2.0

- Creating engagement and getting links using forums

- Using blogs to link to your site

- Using correct anchor text links for links pointing back to your internet site

- Using blog entries to get links from high authority websites

- Building micro sites to control niche and to get links from them

If you follow these simple steps, you will get the basic SEO done. Still worried about What is SEO? Find a SEO beginner training course and you may know the rest about this massive tool. Search Engine optimisation actually rules.

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