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Very Smart Personal Protection For Young Ladies

By Kiki B Loffes

My mother and father divorced while I was three. As soon as I turned 18 years old in 2012, I prevailed on mama to let me cross our town to see papa every Saturday and Sunday. If I was the one that made the trip, then I could spend time with my stepsiblings, too.

Another birthday after, mama wanted to offer me a defense spray. "Sure," I quipped, "considering that the flashlight alarm you got me doesn't frighten guys away good enough." She said not to worry, because it was going to be a cute pepper spray.

I had been kidding around. I was thankful for the personal alarm system, and welcomed possessing my personal pepper spray. It is non-fatal, as well as results in no permanent impairment. It surely wouldn't hurt if this also looked pretty.

What's not really lovely is how pepper spray causes an unpleasant burning feeling onto the skin as well as in the eyes, obstructs breathing as well as shuts the eyes forcedly. These could go on for fifteen to forty five minutes to be able to give you enough time to escape as well as call 9-1-1.

Mommy wasn't joking, as well. I managed to get a defense spray hidden in a container of lipstick! This 1/2 oz. lipstick pepper spray covers 10 feet using 20 half-second sprays. In the event that this ran out, there would be five colors to select from.

Lipstick hardly intimidates males, without a doubt, that is why a masked pepper pray is very effective. In case the enemy doesn't have any clue you have a weapon, he keeps himself susceptible to your own surprise counterstrike.

Mommy added that a mini defense spray is a girl's best buddy as it fits inside the pocket of skinny jeans or a little black dress. A petite hand can cover that up, in order that the criminal becomes shocked even more as soon as you spring that onto him.

I really liked that, needless to say. Even if a male checked my bag, he'd never guess that was some cute pepper spray to be cautious about. One wrong move from him, though, and this would reveal itself in his face.

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