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Tips On How To Travel Safely At Night

By Gim I Rukas

I am assigned on twelve-hour shifts at least 3 times weekly. I know just how difficult it is to take a trip on your own at nighttime here within Las Vegas. I typically run into suspicious-looking or drunken men, and also likely perverted people or psychopaths.

I asked a pal how she dealt with peril each time she traveled at night. She proposed that I utilize a Stun Master 3.5 million volt rechargeable stun gun with light the same as hers.

Louise told me she once utilized this high voltage stun weapon, the model which releases millions of volts, on a man waiting for the exact same bus. She pulled it on the pervert immediately after he place his own hands on her chest.

He immediately got down his knees, as potent electric shock ran through his own body in order to generate quick immobilization. The pervert didn't have any opportunity at all to retaliate. This also works as a flashlight stun device, that Louse has found useful at nighttime along narrow alleyways. The flashlight further improves your aim on the aggressor.

This little stun weapon requires a preliminary four-hour charging time. Afterwards, it is going to need just 2 hours of recharging.

Our building security guard, Pedro, has a stun device too. He told me that the best way to make use of one would be to touch an attacker on the neck, shoulder, tummy or groin. He added that a half-second use could bring about some amount of pain. By a second or two, the assailant would go through muscle spasms as well as confusion.

In Louise's experience, she utilized her own for three to five seconds through the half-inch thickness of clothes the bus stop attacker was wearing. Pedro explained this would be long enough to cause a loss of balance and muscle control, as well as confusion.

I was reluctant in the beginning to utilize the rechargeable Stun Master flashlight stun gun, however , Pedro assured me that stun gadgets are non-lethal. The electrical shock would not go back to me in case the enemy touched me. Thus, I made a decision it was high time to obtain one for my personal protection.

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