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Tribe Marketing - There is Potential in Community

By Bobbie Jamison

Historically, tribe marketing has meant promoting services and items inside a particular social group - like promoting only to stay at home mothers or handicapped vets. The concept has been to enhance end results by making your marketing fit inside a tribal neighborhood better by speaking the very same language if you will. However, on-line tribe marketing suggests something completely different. Here's a short list of boons.

-Trusted and Authority Backlinks

-Viral Facebook Applications

-Viral Twitter Posts

- Blog site Commenting and Trackbacks

- Enhanced SEO for Search engine positioning

-Strongly-targeted, Natural Traffic

- Amplified Item / Business Exposure

Online Based Tribe Marketing Explained

The goal of pretty much every online marketer, affiliate marketer, network marketing expert, and pro blog writer is to improve exposure of their appropriate content to produce even more traffic, leads, and sales.

One remarkably effective technique to do this offline has been to form an advertising or marketing co-op. This is where you partner with other non-competing members and share the price-tag and rewards of a joint promo. Perhaps you split charges and share a full-page advertisement, each running a half-page ad.

Now visualize teaming up with a "tribe" composed from lots, perhaps even hundreds of similar minded marketing professionals with the goal of auto-syndicating their articles and blog posts; and, in return, having them auto-syndicate your content to their network of social book-marketing accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and many other Web 2.0 properties. My list is your list and vice verse! Multiplied lots of times!

Automated World-Wide Marketing Message Dispersal via Tribe Marketing

To take advantage of the tribe marketing idea you should be ready and able to instantly share other members' content via a collection of social media networks.

The thought is that the more material you share, the more material your tribe marketing team members will share of your content.

To make use of this modern tribe marketing concept, you'll wish to take advantage of the auto-syndication model.

Exactly ow do Online Marketers Gain from This?

Getting your value-based content and sales offers to rank high on the top search engine results page (SERPS) is the holy grail when it involves generating highly - targeted prospects and possible customers.

While there are many things to think about that will contribute to how well your content ranks in the search engines, probably the most powerful factor is backlinks from many other authority sites.

Product recommendations, as well as suggested endorsements supply a hint of a social explanation that could go a great distance towards making a sale.

When tribe marketing members share your content on their social media websites - it resembles getting an implied endorsement. This can lead to quick traffic, leads, and sales.

Creating a reciprocal marketing arrangement with the tribe marketing idea can open the doors to other marketing offers and possible collaborations.

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